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IAI, Int’l Customer Satisfaction Policy

We ask each student to ‘one click’ evaluate each live broadcast and each downloaded snippet on a scale between 1-10. We will capture each score, calculate an average and post the avg. customer rating for each artist and each snippet.

Our goal is to have all ratings be 8 or higher.

If a customer rates anything less than an 8, I will send a surprise email to each one of these customers, from me personally, perhaps with a picture of me and/or me and Yvonne, explaining our goals and objectives. I will ask them to give me feedback as to why they scored us lower than our goal of 8 or better and in return will give them a log in code for a future broadcast of their choice for free and/or a snippet for free.

I liken this to the Craftsman Tools guarantee or the Health Department’s method of grading.

This sends a number of revolutionary messages:

  • Being GOOD is not good enough
  • Our Standard is 8, not 7.8
  • Creates a company standard as well as a technical, audio & video standard
  • Customer will feel “Warm & Fuzzy” that they will be treated more than fairly if they are not satisfied.
  • Creates word of mouth becoming “You’re not going to believe this new company’s standards or their customer service policy” not ‘I tried them and I wasn’t impressed’ or ‘I didn’t get anything out of it’ or ‘the screen was too small’ etc.