Lisa Mathis
    Lisa Mathis has inspired hundreds of adults and children to tap into the "inner-artist" that she truly believes we all possess. "Artists have been so kind to me to share what they have learned and it is my privilege and honor to pass that along to the other artists coming behind me".
    Lisa always knew she would become an artist. Drawing and painting from an early age, Lisa credits the growth of her talent to the encouragement she received from her parents, art teachers and to her world travels as a child of an Air Force Officer. Lisa remembers being fascinated by the portrait artists she watched endlessly in Athens and by the Renaissance paintings she had the good fortune to see in the museums and churches abroad. She carried these memories with her to the College of William and Mary where they finally culminated in her firm, passion-driven commitment to the study of art.
    After graduating from William and Mary in 1991 with a degree in Fine Arts and Religion, Lisa and her husband, Brian, moved to Charlotte, NC where she began her career as a graphic designer. After moving to Raleigh, Lisa ran her own Graphic Design business which allowed her to broaden her knowledge and mastery of the visuals to include the beauty of design, color and typography. Throughout this time, Lisa continued to draw and paint for commissions and continued her study of the figure.
    Finally, after many years as a graphic designer and several more years of staying home with her two children, Carter and Lacey, Lisa realized her dream by opening up ArtStudio, a studio and gallery, with a few other professional artists. Lisa can be found in her studio almost every day, working on commissioned paintings and drawings or teaching classes and workshops to adults and children alike. When she's not in her studio, Lisa can be found working on one of the many volunteer projects she takes on as an active member of her local community.
    Lisa is known for painting portraits, figures, genre pieces, animals, and landscapes; she works with pencil, watercolor and oil. Currently, she's working on a watercolor festival series, an acrylic animal series and a children's book about art. Lisa also loves photography and is rarely spotted around town or on the sidelines of one of her childrens' sporting events without her camera. Lisa is thrilled to now join the online artist community at Art Academy Live; "This is a rare opportunity to reach a much broader audience and share this love for art with the amazing!"
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