About Art Academy Live

Art Academy Live was conceived in the fall of 2005 by Rick Mitchell, formerly of Raleigh, NC now residing in Pinehurst, NC. Mr. Mitchell has spent 28 years as a marketeer and an entrepreneur in the computer software industry.

Mr. Mitchell's wife, Yvonne, has been an acrylic artist and tile muralist for over 20 years. In casual conversation, she suggested to Rick that he try his creative skills with art.
"I soon realized that I was not a very good artist and decided to take some workshops". After taking his first lesson with artist and national workshop instructor, Chuck McLachlan, in Greensboro, NC, Rick told his wife later that evening, that he could not recall how Chuck mixed the shade of green on the tin roof of "The Church at Valley Crucis", Chuckís signature painting. Before calling Mr. McLachlan, Mr. Mitchell decided that it would be taking advantage to contact Chuck without booking another lesson. Rick commented to his wife, there should be someway to pay a fair amount to an artist/instructor for "pieces" of information without paying for, traveling to or scheduling an entire lesson or workshop.

After joining the Artist League of the Sandhills, Mr. Mitchell took a beginnerís course taught by Mike DíAndrea. Rick found this class to be very helpful but wanted more. When he asked Mr. DíAndrea to teach another class, the response was that he had tried but it was difficult for people to coordinate their schedules. This convinced Mr. Mitchell to set about a way to resolve these problems. Art Academy Live is the result!

"I wanted to provide a convenient, affordable and effective way to empower anyone interested in art to get only the help they need, when they need it".

Mitchell then called together artists Chuck McLachlan, Sterling Edwards, Raymond Reid, Morgan Samuel Price, and Tim Packer from Canada. After presenting the concept, these artists were made "Founding" partners and Art Academy Live was formed.